Jackie Aina Responds To Dist-urbing Comments About Lightening Her Skin – VIDEO

In addition to endless makeup products, beauty influencer Jackie Aina occasionally receives unsoli-cited advice about what to do with her body.The beloved beauty guru took to Instagram on Tuesday to sound off about distu-rbing messages she received regarding solutions for lightening her inner th-igh area, after she posted a video of herself dancing in a bik-ini.

Considering the makeup maven didn’t ask for tips, the DMs were proble-matic.“I can’t tell you how many times I’m just living my best life, being carefree, being Bl-ack, being a woman, being all of those things, and then here comes someone with the suggestion nobody asked for,” said Aina.

“There are two things that will never be up for discussion: my hair and my compl-exion.”Aina went on to offer a general rule of thumb. “If I don’t ask, the suggestion is not welcomed.”

When it comes to having da-rk knees, darker inner th-ighs, and dark ar-mpits, “I’d like to still be bo-mb as he-ll and fabulous,” she said. “And I don’t need suggestions on how to modify those things.”And according to the post’s comments section, Aina isn’t the only one being sha-med for having extra melanin.Beauty influencer Shalom Blac, and model DuckieThot also recalled receiving unso-ught comments.

“I needed this because I recently got sha-med for my ar-mpits being dark,” revealed Blac.

“Love this a lot! The amount of times people online have suggested I should use bleaching creams is rid-iculous,” wrote Thot.Aina ended the clip by offering Bla-ck girls the following advice for dealing with unsol-icited opinions: “Tell them, I didn’t ask.”

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