Floyd Mayweather Paid Tribute To His Ex Josie Harris Before Demanding Her Estate Pay Him In $20 Million Ba-ttle

Floyd Mayweather wrote a sweet note to his late ex-girlfriend Josie Harris only days before going to court demanding her estate pay him money.Earlier this week, Floyd posted a photo of himself with Josie from back in the day. He captioned the post, “Rest In Peace my baby girl.”

Back in March, Josie was found de-ad in her car parked in front of her Los Angeles home. Her ca-use of loss was determined to be an acc-idental dr-g ove-rdose.

Days after making his post, Floyd was in court taking a much different tone in regard to his late ex Josie. At the time of her loss, Josie was set to face off with Floyd in a court trial over the $20 million lawsu-it she fil-ed aga-inst him. The two were scheduled to start trial on December 7, 2020.

Due to her de-ath, the case has been put on hold until someone takes over Josie’s estate and decides to proceed with the case. In newly fi-led documents, Floyd is demanding the court order his de-ad ex-girlfriend and her lawyer pay him $9,000 in sa-nctions. He acc-uses Josie of fai-ling to provide answers to questions he asked during the case. As a result, Floyd arg-ues the case cannot move forward and he believes he is entitled to sa-nctions.

A judge has yet to rule.

The lawsu-it was fil-ed by Josie back in 2015. Floyd’s ex acc-used the fig-hter of lying about a domes-tic vi-olence incident in an infa-mous Katie Couric interview.

Josie took issue with Floyd clai-ming she was high on dr-gs during the 2010 incident. She den-ied the alle-gations and said Floyd was covering for his dome-stic vi-olence.

Floyd states, “On or about 3/10/20 Plaintiff di-ed; per the Coroner’s office, she overdo-sed on Fentanyl and Vicodin. Defe-ndant has made dil-igent inquiries and checked court records to learn if Plaintiff had a will or trust, and whether a representative for Plaintiff’s estate has been appointed. So Far as defe-ndant can determine the answers are no.” A judge has yet to rule.

Recently, investigators released the aut-opsy which revealed Josie di-ed from an acci-dental dr-ug overdo-se cau-sed by “mixed dr-ug to-xicity (Fentanyl, Alprazolam).”

ALPRAZOLAM is an an-ti-an-xiety medicine known by the generic brand name Xanax. The official ca-use of de-ath was listed as an acc-idental overd-ose of the two dr-ugs.

The report notes Josie had a black eye, bru-ising all over her body and ble-eding from the ear. Based on the inj-uries, the Sheriff’s Department launched a hom-icide investigation into the loss. Eventually, the loss was ultimately ruled an acc-ident based on her dr-g levels.

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