4th Of July Many Americans Sees Packed Water Park & Pool Parties Despite Covid Spikes – VIDEO

4th of July is proving many Americans don’t care Covid-19 cases are spi-king again, which is in line with the White House’s new messaging … just live with it. A handful of water-based venues — including a water park and two lakeside blo-wouts — brought out droves of people this holiday weekend in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan …all of which are seeing their own su-rges in confirmed COVID-19 di-agnoses.

That didn’t matter to these folks thought — they were ready to get wet and wild for Independence Day, and you can tell by how little mind they’re paying to safety precautions.

At the Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells, WI, hardly anybody was 6-feet apart from each other as they packed the wave pool. And, masks were out the window, obviously — studies say they’re ineffe-ctive if they get wet, so a lost ca-use right off the bat here.

Elsewhere in Missouri … the same bar adjacent to Lake of the Ozarks — Backwater Jack’s — fo-rged ahead with their planned Fourth of July blo-wout, which they dubbed No Ducks Given. Between Friday and Saturday, the place once again resembled a sardi-ne can.

And, in Michigan, another lake shindig was well underway Saturday … Diamond Lake in Cass County was packed to the gills along its shores with partygoers ra-ging the day away.

We’ve seen this behavior all throughout the spring and early summer — ever since America was put on high alert and states went on full-blown lockdowns. While the shelter-in-place orders seemed to fla-tten the cu-rve, there has been an explo-sion of new cases in the wake of reopening.

And yet … the bad and da-ngerous behavior continues, despite what the CDC and other health officials have to say.The question … what’s next? Welp, President Trump’s administration seems to have an answer, according to a new report anyway. It’s simple … live life at your own ri-sk. Thing is … he’s been putting people — his own supporters — in ha-rm’s way by holding rec-kless rallies with no social distancing and few masks.

NBC News reports that big wigs in Trump’s cabinet are ramping up for the new messaging to the American people …that the vir-us is here, and we gotta press forward regardless.Ironically, it appears a large part of the country is already doing that, cons-equences be da-mned. So … carry on? 😬

This Article First Published On TMZ